Saturday, 26 May 2012

my own desighn ,made with stamps i have,stamped on to patterned paper printed out, then embossed over with clear ink pad and dark blue embossing powder,and with flowers brought from C&C on tv, used organza ribbon,then added my own glitter to give it a sparkle,and used hat pins to decorate x


  1. Hi Bren, thanks for sharing your pretty card with us at Fat Pages or Cards with Attitude. If you don't mind a little advice when entering a challenge you need to add this to your blog with a link back to the challenge site. A lot of challenge groups won't leave a comment if you haven't done so. Hope this helps you. Also it is much easier if you remove the word verification. Thanks Caz

  2. cazro thank you somuch for kind message, how di turn off verication, im not sure how to do this:( love bren manningx